If we are not professional architecture journalists, then what are we?

We want to convey architecture in a language that is direct and understandable - for everyone. Our coverage is intended for non-architects as much as it is intended for students and professionals.

We do not see ourselves as another medium of "architectural experts" who want to wrestle in philosophical disputes over details or battles of vocabulary. Most architecture media is reported in a high level of complexity that can often alienate those less familiar with architectural digest. It feels that sometimes the profession becomes an echo chamber that only experts can read, hear or respond to these contributions. People who are interested in architecture, but have not studied it in detail for ten years, are rarely considered within architectural media.

We open the front door of the auditorium and open the front door of the architectural offices, ready to document the everyday life behind the scenes. How does it look in this office? Is there such chaos on their desk as there is in our drawing rooms? Which coffee do they drink and how many cups are stacked on the table? We want to show architectural life backstage, away from the press releases and glossy pages of magazines. What is the everyday life of an architect?

Our name Mies. is of course an architectural reference to Modernist Mies van der Rohe but also the German translation of the word 'bad'. This is to remind you that we are students more concerned with providing quality discussions than aesthetic films.

Matt McCallum     Matt MCCALLUM

     Producer (London)
     2018 - current




     Sam STAIRtemp

     Producer (Glasgow)
     2018 - current




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